How to check if the Open SSL installed is patched or not ? You can find this by different method. This link will help you to find out your domain’s Open SSL status. You can check the same from the server back-end also. The following OS may effected the Heartbleed Vulnerabilities.

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Heartbleed: Security experts reality-check the 3 most

Apr 10, 2014 · Heartbleed was first revealed publically earlier this week when the OpenSSL Project released version 1.0.1g to address the issue, but the risk presented by the vulnerability has forced hasty

2014-4-24 · 4月9日,一个代号“Heartbleed”(意为“心脏出血”)的重大安全漏洞日前被曝光,它能让攻击者从服务器内存中读取包括用户名、密码和信用卡号等隐私信息在内的数据,本文总结了网友开发的Heartbleed漏洞检查工具。

Safe Web - Heartbleed Check The server is an HTTP server rather than HTTPS (Heartbleed does not affect HTTP). Heartbleed心脏出血漏洞原理分析 - rebeca8 - 博客园 2017-1-14 · Heartbleed心脏出血漏洞原理分析 Heartbleed心脏出血漏洞原理分析 2017年01月14日 18:14:25 阅读数:2718 2017年01月14日 18:14:25 阅读数:271