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How to Config Mikrotik for 2 Wan 2 Network isolated I want to create isolated network on mikrotik without load balancing . Ex: Wan1 : Wan2 : Lan1 : Lan2 : Lan1 go to internet via Wan1 and Lan2 go to internet via Wan2.Mikrotik mangle and route config as follows. When I use this config I … Mikrotik FastTrack Firewall Rules — Manito Networks May 22, 2016 networking - NAT to two different servers on the same port While mangle/filter can match the marked packets (or even without marking, but by directly using the L7 filter on the rules) on nat it simply does not match any packets. There are also various relevant threads on the MikroTik forums, which none seem to have found a solution.

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Cara Export dan Import Konfigurasi Router Mikrotik - Pada router mikrotik sendiri ada 2 (dua) cara yang bisa kita lakukan untuk membackup konfigurasi, yaitu dengan memanfaatkan fitur Backup & Restore dan juga fitur Export & Import. Karena pembahasan mengenai fitur backup & restore sudah saya publish maka pada kesempatan kali ini saya hanya akan fokus membahas fitur export dan import saja. r/mikrotik - Anyone familiar with configuring the LtAP (US C) create second mangle rule - post-routing chain - output interface - Action - Change TTL to = 65 D) Test - At this point, my laptop wired was able to pull down between 20-30Mbps. Wireless on 2Ghz N, I was able to pull down roughly 10-20Mbps.

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