May 03, 2019 · Plans for 3D-Printed Guns Are Still Accessible on Twitter and YouTube The platforms say they don’t allow users to post blueprints or how-tos for building ghost guns. But the files continue to circulate.

Dec 10, 2015 Problems accessing YouTube - YouTube Help Learn how to add YouTube as a service. Your network administrator or ISP may be blocking YouTube. Contact your network administrator or ISP to learn more. Manage content when you can't access YouTube. If you have public content on YouTube, you can still hide or remove it even if you can't access the YouTube site: Go to your Google Account settings. Creating Accessible Videos | Accessible Technology Captions. Captions are text versions of the audio content, synchronized with the video. They are … Live Accessible – Blindness or Low Vision does not define

“As far as I know, I was the first blind person on YouTube, and in 2011 when I started, it wasn’t very accessible at all,” he says. “I couldn’t even find the buttons to pause or play a Accessible Videos - Glacier National Park (U.S. National Sep 03, 2015 Make YouTube videos switch accessible for special needs

Accessible Videos - Glacier National Park (U.S. National

Adding Captions to YouTube Videos | Accessible Technology There are three ways to add captions to YouTube videos. For all three, you must be the owner of the video. Use the YouTube Caption Editor. YouTube automatically generates captions for most videos when they’re uploaded using speech recognition technology.These machine-generated captions are rarely if ever fully accurate. How to Create Accessible Word Documents: 8 Steps (with Feb 28, 2020 About Us – Accessible Yoga About Us Our Mission Accessible Yoga is an international, grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to sharing yoga with everyone. The mission of our 501(c)3 non-profit organization is to share the benefits of Yoga with anyone, who currently doesn’t have access to yoga practices, especially communities that have been excluded Censorship of YouTube - Wikipedia