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George Frideric Handel | Israel in Egypt - San Francisco Israel in Egypt Handel’s oratorio Israel in Egypt was originally performed in 1739, in the same season as the premiere of his oratorio Saul . Unlike Saul and Handel’s other early oratorios, however, Israel in Egypt is almost entirely a choral piece, with relatively few arias for soloists interspersed among the choruses. Israel in Egypt — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY ISRAEL IN EGYPT. EVENTS during the period of over two centuries that the forefathers of the nation of Israel were in Egypt are an important part of the Bible record. Jacob’s son Joseph was sold into slavery and taken to Egypt. (Ge 37:28, 36) Some years later, Israel-Egypt gas pipeline deal seen imminent - Insider Partners in Israel's Leviathan and Tamar offshore gas fields had agreed to sell $15 billion worth of gas to a customer in Egypt -- Dolphinus Holdings -- but last month the deal was amended to boost supply by 34% to about 85 billion cubic meters, or an estimated $20 billion. Israel in Egypt – TheShiningLight