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WD Tv Firmware Downgrade – SSS

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Note: The WD TV Live will check only the Root Directory of an attached USB device. If you are using the original firmware file to attempt this, you will not receive the New Firmware option.If it does not appear, and you are sure that you are using the firmware files located in step #1 of these instructions, and that the files are not in a folder on the drive.

Like Apple TV, WD TV Play is principally a media-streaming box with a limited selection of smart TV apps. While Apple TV sells for £99 / US$99 / AU$109, however, WD TV Play is cheaper, with a WD TV-2 spruces up Western Digital's already attractive Aug 16, 2009 Bring the Web to your Living Room - Digital Inspiration Feb 02, 2012 Lon.TV - YouTube