Dec 10, 2016

How to Unblock Websites Blocked by School or Work Internet Apr 05, 2020 How to bypass my school's internet which blocks VPNs - Quora Many schools block all the popular VPNs. Assuming your school runs on a blacklist (picks specific sites to be blocked) and not a whitelist (picks specific sites to be allowed) I recommend using a VPN that isn’t very popular. However, if that fails, you could always use an old fashioned proxy.

Oct 16, 2014

In this tutorial, we learn how to bypass a blocked site on a school computer. You will need a proxy to do this safely. First, go to a proxy site like Proxify. Going through here will prevent the school blocking system from coming up and ruining your fun. If you are blocked, you can use a text file document and run CMD on your computer. This would be the more technological way to do it. How to Unblock Websites & Access Restricted Content | AVG May 14, 2020 How do I bypass my school internet block? | Yahoo Answers

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